By: Nurun Najmee Hasenan

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Tuesday, 28-Aug-2007 00:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dinner@New Horizon Garden Restaurant

My hubby and I decided to give Ena, my youngest sister a treat before she went back to Rusia. So we had dinner at New Horizon Garden Restaurant near Jalan Wakaf Che Yeh, Kelantan.

The view from trafic light,but the pic is blurr

Fahim was asleep when we arrived

Ena with Abah

Ena with Mama

Fahim was still sleeping

Now he has wake up

Wednesday, 8-Aug-2007 05:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fahim is 8 months already!

Fahim has turned 8 months yesterday. We went to the clinic and got his weight measured. His weight is 8.2kg. Here is a list of Fahim's achievements so far.

1. Finally he can say he loves to say ane neh neh..deh deh..ta..ta..taa, he can also pronounce the word 'abah' now but not as frequent as 'mama'

2. Last Thursday, he got his 1st bruise on his left cheek while at the nursery in attempt to stand up from a chair. So his cheek accidentally bumped to the chair. Until now, the bruise can still be seen, my poor baby!

3. He can crawl very fast now, it's difficult to leave him alone.

4. He can lift his body up and stand on his own from the square stool, but I have to be extra careful to prevent the stool from moving. Whenever he sees something that he can reach up to, he will try to stand up such as from the sofa. Even in his cot, though I had made it lower but he can still stand and will cry to get out

5. Yesterday while I sang him his favorite song "Tepuk amai-amai..belalang kupu-kupu', he will clap his hands eagerly though sometimes he missed and clapped in zig-zag pattern

6. He can recognize familiar faces now, so when I got home from work, he will smiled and reached out his hand for me

7. He knows how to protest when he didn’t get what he wants and when he is being ignored, he would scream, cry and yell just to get our attention.

8. Taking Fahim out for outing is easier and enjoyable as he does not cry anymore like the way he used to during his earlier months.

9. I love to lark and goof around with him and seeing him laughing and chuckle. He is just adorable in his own ways. Thank you Allah for this wonderful and precious gift to both of us!

10. I pray that Fahim will grow up to be a noble, kind and devout Muslim and will able to contribute a lot to Islam as well as to his nation and country, InsyaAllah..

Sunday, 29-Jul-2007 05:20 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Pada suatu tengahari di hujung minggu, abah sedang lena tidur di ruang rehat atas...tiba-tiba datangla si fahim nih..jeng jeng

Mama..mama..boleh x nak kaco abah?

Nape x boleh?

Bagi 5 sebab knape x boleh..

Ala mama ni, x sportingla..nak jugak

abah..abah..mmmuaaahs sayang abah..

Ye mama..panggey fahim ke?

Abah..abah..bangunla..lalala..korek telinga ni x dgr nih

kih kih puas hati dapat kaco abah

Sunday, 29-Jul-2007 04:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Gambar2 ni semasa selepas bawak Fahim round ngan carseat just amik gambar Fahim ngan abah dia kt depan umah atuk n wan.

Gambar ni plak kat depan umah family in law di Raub

Gambar ni kat politeknik JB semasa antar adik ipar haritu.

Kesian kat Fahim, sampai penat tertido dlm pelukan Abah

Thursday, 26-Jul-2007 07:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I want to go there!
What is this?
Who is that?
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This is Fahim's new walker. Before this, we used his cousin's. It's easier to put him in his walker whenever I need to do something.Nevertheless I need to be watchful everytime he comes near the stage.Boy, he moves so quickly! Gotta catch up with him

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