By: Nurun Najmee Hasenan

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Besarnya beg...
Bermula perjalanan..
Masing2 ceria je
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15-17 JUNE 2007

Last Friday the whole staff of Pusat Bahasa& Terjemahan,USM included the branches from Kubang Kerian and Transkerian campus went for a 3D2N workshop at Bukit Merah. The total of participants were 133 people. As we were from Kubang Kerian, a very very small unit making us the least total of participants,which consist only 13 members including 1 usher from Unit Latihan, En. Hanafi and exclude 1 teacher who was on MC.

This was the 1st time ever we had the opportunity to gather and meet all the staff from the 3 campuses. Before this we only contacted via phone,letters, emails and faxes.So it was fun to actually meet the person face to face and starting to know them.

At first, I thought the workshop would be very stressful and tiring. Suprisingly it turned out to be fun and the programmes held were casual and enjoyable especially during aerobics and Kenchana Alam ( treasure hunt) . The best part was my group turned out to be the 1st group with the highest collection of 'money' Pity that I did'nt take any pictures with them. Anyway we had a good teamwork!

My colleagues and I would eat together in one table when it comes to eating time although we're in different groups, and we would eat and eat and eat haha The girls are known for their big appetite huhu I bet all of us gained our weight!

Overall, I think that this kind of activity should be done more in the future as it helps to strengthen our relationship among our colleagues and other staff as well. Hopefully next time we could have a relax and fun activity together such as Family Day.

To all my wonderful colleagues..enjoy the pictures!

Ni lah modul sepanjang bengkel 'PIMPIN'

Di koridor penginapan

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Fahim at 6 months

Steady everyone
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Today Fahim g klinik kesihatan for his regular check-up, supposedly went last week lagi but only today ade mase free. Nothing much, the nurse only took his weight,length and measured his chest and head's. His weight is 7.5kg. The next appointment would be in August just to monitor his weight because the next injection will be taken when Fahim is 1 year old. The nurse said that Fahim's growth is good and everything is okay.The pictures were taken before going to the clinic. Looks like he want to do some bumping exercise huh Fahim!

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Keluar jap

Mama kuar jap ye
Fahim dok umah k
Excitednya..makin tembamla mama ni
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Going out leaving Fahim with Wan and Atuk at home..

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My sweet nephews with their Atuk

atuk n cucu
Abdul Muiz
Abdul Afuww
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My twin's sons, Abdul Muiz and Abdul Afuww with my abah

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Fahim at 5 months

yum yum
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He's already 5 months I started to give him rice porridge which is braised with potato n carrot n blended until become puree. Mmm yummy he seems to like it!

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